Tasco Industries Ltd is based in Jinja, Uganda, and specializes in the manufacturing of edible oil and soap manufacturing, producing some of Uganda’s leading household brands such as Superstar, Top Star, and Gold Star Premium Laundry bar soap range; StarFry Cooking Oil, Mothers Pride Margarine and Stardent toothpaste. The company is a recent addition to the Sarrai Group and through the new ownership has grown to become the third-largest producer in the edible oils and soap sector in Uganda. The oil refinery has a capacity of 150 tonnes per day, and the soap plant has an installed capacity of 200 MT per day.
Product innovation has become part of the Tasco brand philosophy, driven by a desire to build a strong local manufacturing base in Uganda, which can provide the Ugandan consumer with quality local alternatives to imported multi-national brands. This has led to the production and recent launch of a packaged margarine brand, Mothers Pride, for household consumption, the first in its category to be manufactured in Uganda. In the same vein, the company has developed and produced an international standard toothpaste brand, Stardent, to fulfill a need for affordable toothpaste to the masses across Uganda.

Tasco Industries Brands are: