Sarrai Group has two sugar production facilities, Kinyara Sugar Ltd and Hoima Sugar Ltd. Its flagship brand, Kinyara sugar, one of the oldest sugar brands in Uganda, was brought under the Sarrai umbrella in 2006 and is now the second-largest sugar producer in Uganda. Hoima Sugar is a greenfield sugar factory and distillery commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2015 in North-West Uganda. Follow the links to learn more.

Kinyara Sugar Limited

In 2006, Kinyara Sugar Works Limited was privatized and rebranded to Kinyara Sugar Limited (KSL). Then, its production was averaging 57,000 MT per annum with a cane area of 15,000 hectares of both nucleus and out-grower.

Following continuous recapitalization and expansion, production then increased to levels between 110,00MT to 120,000MT per annum with an expanded cane area 0f 39,000 hectares (both nucleus and out-growers)

Today, Kinyara Sugar is the second-largest sugar producer in Uganda with a market share of about 30% meeting all quality production criteria as certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS). With 6,900 registered O.G. farmers, KSL employs directly 2,000 individuals and approximately 8,000 indirectly; supporting several families and businesses.
Kinyara’s brand is widely recognized and held in high esteem across Uganda. This is a testament to the dedication and tireless effort of its competent staff and the entire cane farming community involved in sugar production; ensuring that quality control measures are met at all levels of the value chain.
Over the years, Kinyara has continued to receive awards for exceptional acts like the 2017 and 2019 Visionaries Awards for best sugar processing company, the prestigious Gold Standard Superbrands Award, People’s Choice Awards among others.
Beyond Sugar production, Kinyara Sugar is a central player in the development of its local community, providing free and highly subsidized essential medical services, road maintenance, subsidized education services as well as environmental protection and conservation among others.
KSL generates electricity for its own use and also sells it to the national grid. Electricity generation increased from 1.8MW per annum in 2006 increasing to 14.5MW per annum and contributing over 6MW to the national grid.
KSL is among the top ten taxpayers in Uganda having paid USD$19.90M in 2011 in taxes. The factory employs over 6,000 people supporting 30,000 in family and auxiliary business.

Hoima Sugar Limited

Hoima Sugar Ltd, located in Kiziranfumbi, Hoima District is a Sugar production plant with a cane crushing capacity of 1500 TCD expandable to4000TCD. The nucleus Estate covers 10,000 hectares and has its own cogeneration power plant with an installed capacity of 5 MW expandable to 12 MW and a distillery plant having an installed capacity of 20 KL/day. With a total project investment of $62 million, Hoima Sugar employs 2600 workers directly making it a valuable contribution to the socio-economic development of this region.

In response to the current COVID 19 epidemic, Hoima Sugar was able to respond quickly by manufacturing the much-needed Hand Sanitizer to industry standards with UNBS accreditation. The Sanitizer is marketed under the brand name PROSAN and is available in both bulk and smaller portable bottles designed for field staff or general use